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Motown blues: Little Mix in danger after X Factor judges slam their vocals and tell them to make Perrie lead singer

By J J Anisiobi

Little Mix, who began this week's show as favourites to reach the final, gave two average performances tonight which left judge Tulisa fuming and smacking the table in anger.

Misha B kicked off proceedings singing Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas.

She wore a black dress made of broken vinyl records and was joined by a stage full of dancers.

We are family: Little Mix stand together after getting told to find a leader

The colourful performance received great feedback from the judges with Louis Walsh saying: 'You're original you're unique. I want you in the final because you deserve to be.'

Gary Barlow was equally full of praise and said that Misha B was the reason he took the X Factor judging role.

He said: 'Thank you for making this experience a positive one for me.'

Kicking off: Misha B gave a strong opening to the show in a dress made of broken vinyl records

Her mentor, Kelly Rowland, added: 'Fantastic job tonight mama you committed to it and you had so much fun.'

The next act on was Amelia Lily who sang Aint No Mountain High Enough by Diana Ross.

Wearing a Houndstooth dress the 17-year-old gave a well executed performance that had Kelly nodding her head through out.

Bright lights: Amelia Lily gave a colourful performance and got positive feedback for her first song choice

Louis said she reminded him of Christina Aguilera and Tulisa said she brought Motown to life.

Gary added: 'You did really really well tonight. Amazing performance well done.'

Her mentor Kelly said that she 'sounded amazing' and was 'on fire tonight.'

Little Mix sang The Supremes hit You Keep Me Hangin' On and all sported bouffont hairstyles.

A bad start: Show favourites Little Mix got negative comments for their first song choice, Keep Me Hangin On

Bad times: The girls get grilled by Dermot O'Leary after the judges told them what they thought of their performance

Louis said: 'There was something missing on that performance. It's like you've lost your mojo. I was totally unimpressed girls.'

Kelly agreed and said: 'I just thought you would have brought it a little more as it's the semi finals.'

Gary was also negative about the performance and said: 'Perrie is the best singer in this band and I think she should feature a lot more than she is and that is what was missing in tonight's performance.'

Rising star: Perrie Edwards of Little Mix was singled out as the strongest singer by Gary Barlow

Their mentor, Tulisa, defended them aggressively and said that the band represent girls and they are all equal.

Little Mix band member Perrie, 19, appreciated the judges comments about her but said: 'We can all sing and there isn't a lead single at all.'

Next up was the last of The Boys, Marcus Collins and he sang My Girl by The Temptations.

Being a lion: Marcus Collins sang My Girl with four dancers backing him up

Dressed in a bow tie and Letterman jacket, the Liverpudlian was flanked by four male backing dancers.

Robbie Williams had paid him a visit earlier in the week and gave him some advice about his nerves before performing.

Robbie told him: 'Be a lion, you're a very handsome man.'

Emotional: Misha B performed a stripped song for her second performance

Louis said that he thinks he is the perfect pop star and Tulisa said the vocals were amazing but Gary could have picked a better song for the semi finals.

His mentor Gary was ecstatic with the performance and said: 'This was made for you Motown week, it's such a pleasure to work with you mate,' as the audience chanted his name.

The second half of the show kicked off with Misha B who had chosen to sing F**kin Perfect by Pink and rapped one verse midway through.

X Factor GrabNever going to win: Gary dropped the revelation after Misha had performed Perfect by Pink

As the crowd chanted her name Louis Walsh told her: 'You are a major major talent.'

Tulisa said she fully connected with the song and that she would buy her record.

Gary shocked the audience when he told the young singer she had no chance of being an X Factor champion.

He said: ' Misha I mentioned the positive side of you being here earlier but there is a negative side as well and that’s I’ve sat here and witnessed your journey and it makes me sad.'

The whole truth: Gary tells Misha that she cannot win the show and then his name began to trend on Twitter

As the audience began to boo him he continued: 'You have been wrongfully accused of being someone that you’re not.

'Even if you are lucky enough to get through tomorrow night, I don’t think you can win because of that and that’s a shame.'

Misha's mentor didn't seem to disagree with her co-judge's comments but claimed that Misha B would do well regardless.

Feeling good: Kelly Rowland said that Misha B will be a star regardless of whether she wins or loses the X Factor

Kelly said: 'Win, lose, X Factor, no X Factor, you are a star! A star!'

Misha said: I'm just really grateful that I've had the chance to make my dreams reality. Pls pls vote. just vote.

Next, Amelia Lily dressed in a long black gown sang I’m With You by Avril Lavigne.

The eyes have it: Amelia gave another strong performance which Louis said was the vocal of the night

Powerful voice: Gary told Amelia that her song was good but it was not the best vocal of the night

'That's the best vocal performance of the night,' said Louis.

But Gary disagreed and said it wasn't the best vocal of the night and told Louis that what he says doesn't count for much.

Marcus Collins took to the stage for his second song in a pair of leather trousers and a studded leather waistcoat.

Putting on a show: Marcus performed with more dancers for his second song and said he enjoyed it

You raise me up: The Liverpudlian gave a shaky performance but was still told he will make it to the final

He sang Can You Feel It by The Jackson 5 and was joined by a large amount of backing dancers.

But the judges gave mixed reviews for his performance despite Gary giving him a standing ovation.

Louis said: 'There's something missing it for me. That wasn't the right song choice.'

Tulisa agreed with Louis and said it wasn't one of his best performances.

Kelly added: 'It wasn't one of your best vocal performances.'

Under pressure: The group were favourites to reach the final before the show

Downbeat: Little Mix members Jade Thirwell and Perrie Edwards perform in the groups second song

Gary ignored the other judges and told Marcus that he was amazing.

The final act of the night was Little Mix and they performed If I Were A Boy by Beyoncé.

After Perrie was given slightly more vocals to perform the judges again gave them negative feedback.

Louis said: 'I didn’t like your first performance but girls I think you have got so much talent, I think you can win the entire series, but it wasn’t perfect tonight.'

Standing strong: The girls stuck together as the judges criticised them

Kelly told the girls that they will change the world if they can find out which one of them brings out the best in them, again affirming the need for them to find a leader.

Gary wasn't impressed by them and said: 'For a semi final act these vocals aren't good enough tonight.'

He was interrupted by a furious Tulisa who slammed her hand on the table and said: 'There is only one record contract and if people want to hear your music then they have to pick up their phone and vote.'

Little Mix took the criticism well and said: “We loved that song so much and it was really emotional but we don’t want to be perfect, we have still got a lot to learn.'

Angry woman: Tulisa shouts out after Gary told the girls that they weren't good enough

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