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Berry Gordy is NOT dead, Louis! X Factor judge Walsh wrongly declares Motown LIVING legend to be deceased

By J J Anisiobi

Big mistake: Louis Walsh shocked the world when he claimed Motown legend Berry Gordy was dead

Hapless X Factor judge Louis Walsh made an embarrassing error on tonight's show that may just end his career as judge.

Louis, who has no remaining acts in the competition, left the audience and millions of viewers dumfounded when he claimed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Berry Gordy was dead.

The confusing statement was made after Misha B, 19, kicked off the show with 1964's Dancing In The Street.

Louis, who is a music producer, praised the Mancunian and said: 'If Berry Gordy were alive, he'd absolutely sign you.'

Berry, who is an American record producer and the founder of the Motown record label, is 82 years old and still alive.

Walsh clearly doesn't have his finger on the pulse because if he had watched the American Music Awards just two weeks ago, he would have seen that Berry is in good health.

Music legend: Berry Gordy is alive and well despite what Louis Walsh thinks

Having worked with artists including Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson, Berry was a guest at the White House earlier this year for The Sound of Young America: The History of Motown.

Alongside Michelle Obama, he gave a talk to over 100 students on his experiences in the industry.

What makes the faux-pas even more embarrassing for Walsh is that each Motown song performed by the semi-finalists was produced by either Gordy's label, Motown, or Gordy himself.

Legends: From left, Smokey Robinson with wife Claudette, and Berry Gordy arrive at the Annual American Music Awards

Household name: Berry at the White House as Michelle Obama makes a speech

After Louis' mistake, Berry Gordy's granddaughter took Twitter to set the facts straight.

Mahogany Gordy said: 'Just so EVERYBODY knows my grandfather Berry Gordy is alive & well. Xfactor needs to get their facts straight before saying lies. @LMFAO RT.'

Family ties: Berry Gordy's granddaughter corrected Louis on Twitter and told Gary Barlow

Mahogony, who is related to both members of chart topping group LMFAO, then messaged Gary Barlow and said: '@GBarlowOfficial i really don't appreciate your friend Louis Walsh saying my grandfather Berry Gordy isn't alive.. he is alive and well...'

Berry's granddaughter, who is a a model, actress and DJ, then followed up with scathing post about Louis that said: 'If Berry Gordy were alive, he would sign you to Motown,' Louis Walsh Gordy actually isn't dead. But hopefully your talent judging career is.'

This glaring error displayed Walsh's lack of industry knowledge and will put pressure on the shows bosses to axe the judge before the next series.

Music royalty: Mahogany is a dancer, model and a DJ

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