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Lily Allen thanks to her fans

Lily Allen thanks her fans for all the love they sent to her during her delivery.

Lily Allen thanks to her fans
Singer Lily Allen has offered thanks to her fans after the birth of her first child, reports NME.

Allen, who has not yet released pictures of her newborn child, said she was "very touched" by the public response.

She wrote on her Twitter page: "Thanks for the flowers and messages of love. This is indeed very touching."

Remember that Lily Allen has given birth to her first child, a daughter, last month (November 25). A source revealed that the birth went very well.

The singer had written on Twitter shortly after birth, her baby was wonderful.

Allen was formally announced her pregnancy during her marriage to Sam Cooper in June.

Seven months before the artist had suffered a miscarriage at six months of pregnancy. It was not her first miscarriage, then she had already lost a baby in 2008, while attending Ed Simons.

Lily Allen is paused the music industry, but she expected to return to her work this year, revealing that she already bored of the scene.
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