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Déjà vu! Peter Andre returns to the jungle... and is greeted with a tank full of fish guts

By Nadia Mendoza

Slimey: Peter Andre looks like he wants to be sick as he leaves his bushtucker trial

Once you've lived off bugs for a month, you might think one journey to the jungle is enough.

But Peter Andre has returned to I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! for another dose of madness.

The Insania singer was invited back on the show, and greeted with the rancid task of 'Fair Dunk-Um'.

Peter, who starred on the third series in 2004, returned to Oz yesterday to join the ITV2 panel.

Presenter Joe Swash informed the Australian native that he would have to compete against Jessica-Jane Clement's six stars that she retrieved in her own Bushtucker Trial of the same name.

Facing fears: Andre faces up to his challenge and manages to get four stars

Excited: Peter assures Joe, that despite appearances its only the trial he is looking forward to.

Andre, 38, joked: 'I am actually really excited... do you understand? Not excited like that, excited!', as he pointed to his crutch in his harness before he started.

He was then told to lay down on a mining shaft board so he could be lifted into position; he smiled and said: 'I haven’t been in this position for ages... this is awesome.'

Unprepared: Peter listen anxiously as he is told about the 'Fair Dunk Um' trial

But as he was lowered into a kart of snakes, his jovial side took a backseat as fear took over.

'Okay, that is a little bit scary... a little bit daunting,' he confessed.

Andre was then dunked into a tank full of fish guts, moaning: 'You lot are cruel!'

Celebrations: Peter matches Jessica's score in the same trial

Gunked: Joe warns Peter that the rats in the next part of the trial may like the smell of him

Joe then warned Peter about the next kart, quipping: 'The rats are a bit partial to fish guts they might have a little nibble. Quite vicious these ones.'

The final kart arrived, which was full of black slime, just as Clement had to deal with in her task.

Flashback: Katie Price and Peter Andre in the jungle where they met eight years ago

Rat pack: Not so bad afterall, Peter manages to get five stars

After collecting a measly two stars, Peter hugged Joe, with the host adding: 'See girls, that’s what you get when you kiss Peter Andre. He is full of snot.'

Joe and Peter wash off the the fish guts they are smothered in from the trial

Ex-wife Katie Price, who Peter met during their stint in the jungle, added fuel to the fire this week that the pair have reconciled and finally put their demons to rest.

Last Thursday, the mother-of-three tweeted: 'Good luck in OZ and remember what I said.'

Reunited: Katie and Peter are clearly back on speaking terms after Miss Price tweets ex-hubby

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