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iPhone 6 Designs Mock up by Antoine Brieux !!

As everyone enjoys iPhone 4 and iPhone4s, most of us are rooting for more and waiting for iPhone 5 and yet still a rumor (since it has not yet officially launched) but Apple's reputation on great strategies and several successes may hurt the company due to the last leak ofiPhone 6 designs, which apparently made a huge fuzz on modern-tech community online.

But then again, who won't fall inlove with these?

Yes, the rumors may be true that the stakes have moved up to theiPhone 6 with designs mockup by Antoine Brieux. He uses ergonomic grip quite cleverly and formulates it with dimensions 125 mm x 63 mm with a 4.9-inch screen. A concept where the home button is moved to the left side of the phone (used with the thumb), leaving a huge screen space for one to enjoy.

According to Christina Bonnington at Wired, iPhone may be be"housed in Liquidmetal" - the commercial name for an alloy of titanium, zirconium, nickel, copper, and other metals. When it hardens, Liquidmetal retains "high strength, high resistance to wear against scratching and denting, and [has] a good strength-to-weight ratio." Cooled, it looks "smooth like liquid," and may bestow iPhone 6"its special swagger."

I definitely know how you feel but let's not get too excited, okay?LOL!

iPhone 6 may feature a much larger display — possibly 4.6 inches versus its current 3.5-inch set-up — and Apple has already started placing orders to its suppliers, says Reuters. While that sounds nice, making "a 4.6-inch display would mean that the size of the iPhone itself would be much larger than it currently is," according to Jordan Crook at TechCrunch.

It may seem realistic but more likely, Apple is working on a 4-inch display to "fit on to the iPhone at its current size." Keeping the same iPhone size sounds more like an Apple move, says MG Siegler at Parislemon. "A device that stays the same size, but gets a slightly larger screen for one more row of apps"? Even more exciting stuff!

So what do you think? 
I think it's awesome and will be worth the wait! :)
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