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Fall Winter 2012 Jewelry trends

Hello Ladies,

Let's talk about what is trendy these days in jewels, seriously i'm that kind of girls who hates big and huge necklaces, but really really i'm insane about new huge and big necklaces these days .. and guess what ?

This is the new trends of Fall and Winter, Even summer was crazy with it..

Who didn't bought that lovely Zara's necklaces .. ?? i think most of you did!

Above picture is just a reminder of what have been worn the most couple months ago ;)

Now Since you have an idea about what i'm talkin about
Let's See what's the most trends of this season

First Trend

Flowers, Animals and Leafs is so in this season

Second Trend

Vintage Never fail never ever .. who hates vintage mainly ;)

Third Trend
Silver Pieces

Don't be afraid of show your bigger stones and bigger collars and necklaces
because it's all about huge and bigger stuff ;)

Fourth Trend
Heavy Collar necklaces

This kind of collars was so trendy on the summer and it's keep
goin none stop because it's still in

Fifth Trend 
Flesh Tone Pieces

These Kind of stones it gave you a feminine touch and a Chic look
Show it up with your trendy buns ;)

Sixth Trend

Tribal is so in lately, so don't be afraid of showing some of your high school
bracelets ;)

Last Trend

For me i had enough from bows and Spikes, i'm over the spikes now and it's not
trendy this season but bows i think it's a little bit girly and 
maybe it's taking a little bit while to be turned off

Hope you like my post and Share your thoughts with me

monte escalier

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