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Lady Fozaza Lunch In Jeddah ..

I know that it's too late to publish this post, But really i've been so busy last days..

Before talking about the lunch i just want to say something about Cream boutique and i swear i'm not lying, First time i visit cream boutique i was expecting so much success for this store because it's define the meaning of Fashion by decorating and Chic items they sell there .. and now after all congratulation cream for who you are now and i'm wishing you more successful and progress 

Lady fozaza lunch 17/ April / 2012 at cream boutique was not big as much as dubai's was, it was normal one with lots lots lots of fun, "Thank god it wasn't big because if it was maybe alhay2a will ruin it LOL" i met there most of Saudian bloggers .. finally i saw them and finally i saw the beautiful Anoud .. seriously i wasn't expect that i'm gonna love her as this much, she's so sweet in person, one thing shocked me about her that she isn't like other famous people, she's a very very very humble person .. she was very welcoming to all of us, we felt her happiness of seeing us in her eyes, She made time for each one of us ..
P.S. if you think Anoud is beautiful through her pictures you're totally wrong .. her prettiness is nothing comparing by nature !! She's Absolutely Gorgeous Mashallah 
if i'll keep talking about Anoud my whole Bloge will not Afford, so let's move to the pictures 

 Here's the view of the Cream Boutique ..

A little bit closer ..

Manikin wearing Lady Fozaza ..

Another Mani....

Lady Fozaza Lunch started at 5:00 P.M. But Unfortunately i arrived around 6:00 P.M
because i finished my work at 5:45 P.M. 
So Lot's of blazers were sold out ..
Can u imagine that all black swans disappeared from the first 8 minutes :O 
Seriously WOW ..
Here's an exclusive Blazers For CREAM BOUTIQUE - JEDDAH

Another exclusive one, this one Anoud was wearing it when i arrived then she
switched to the first exclusive one

Those Carton blazers were hanging in the space, look at them
they're looking so real

Here's a Pic of Anoud Making an interview ..

Here's The Cream Candy Bar .. it was so yummyyyyy especially the pistachio
pink camel macaroons .. 

i stole those pictures from the lady beyond Fyonka
Alaa balkhy "Shy Face" :$

The Sister ladies beyond Lady Fozaza And Pink Camel 

Anoud's Between My Fashion blogger friend Ghadeer and her friend
P.S. Anoud wearing an exclusively Ta Marbota Abaya ;)

Another pic for Anoud

Here's a pic of me with Anoud .. Me Holding Cream bag which means that i bought one of 
Exclusive lady fozaza blazer "The One Anoud's Wearing on the above pic"

The Exclusively Lady Fozaza Bracelets Giveaways

My Lady Fozaza Bracelet Matching my Work Access 

Anoud is wearing an exclusive double trouble blazer for Cream
and yes This one i bought ..

i'll make a post for how to wear this blazer 

And here was the corner of fun .. Make a Look for Fozaza 
Thanks Ghadeer for letting me use your pictures
Hope you like it

monte escalier

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