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Eat "vegan viddles" to keep it sexy

Gorgeous and sexy clothes are great, just not on top of a belly.  How do you lessen a belly?? Eat vegan treats that are good for your body and soul.  While I cannot proclaim to be a full on vegan, I don't want a belly any time soon.  I found the most amazing vegan food ever....ever.... ever.  Its called "Body and Soul", and they sell food exclusively at the Farmer's Market in Union Square, on 14th street in New York.  I really love the curry lentil wrap, and vegan carrot cake!!!!  And their carrot cake tastes like real cake, better than bakery cake.

And ask for Lee, he is super cute, but he said something about having a wife. Lucky gal, Lee and Vegan treats....HEAVEN!!!!!

This stuff is so good, my 6 foot 4 meat loving brother thought there was meat in it. The wrap on the left is his favorite, he is jazzed about by the pickled cabbage and potato combo.  He describes it as "salad meets a latka."
Even the mascot is cute!!!!

Try Body and Soul and you won't be dissappointed.  Enough said.
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