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Where's your Swagger Jagger? Cher Lloyd ditches her trainers and looks more like Cheryl Cole than ever on L.A video shoot

By Lucy Buckland

Spot the difference: Cher Lloyd filming yesterday (left) and her former mentor Cheryl Cole

They haven't spoken in almost a year but it seems Cher Lloyd hasn't let that stop her getting closer to former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole's look.

As the pint sized pop princess was spotted filming her latest video in L.A the 19-year-old looked more like her Geordie mentor than ever before.

Gone were the ripped jeans and trainers and in was a more stylish look suitable for a mini Cheryl Cole wannabee.

And the similarities don't stop there, the Swagger Jagger singer was even spotted puffing away on a cigarette during filming breaks.

Cheryl Cole is known to be a light smoker.

Cher came over to LA last Sunday and earlier this week visited the contestants of X Factor USA at their studio.

Coincidentally Cher's mentor Cheryl is also in LA at the moment working on her new album.

Keeping it... stylish: Cher Lloyd seems to be morphing into her former X Factor mentor

Swagger Jagger

And Cher, 19, showed her teenage side on the shoot by snacking on a packet of crisps during filming breaks.

Cher recently told MailOnline how boyfriend Craig Monk, 21, keeps her grounded, and the pair showed they're certainly still completely smitten by linking arms and snuggling up to each other.

Cher admitted last month she hadn't heard from her mentor since the show ended
She said: 'No I haven't really heard from her, which is a shame, you know because we were quite close on the show.

With your love: Cher Lloyd with her boyfriend Craig Monk who she says keeps her grounded

Munch: Cher Lloyd snacks on a bag of crisps during filming, perhaps something her former mentor wouldn't be caught doing

'But you know, things happen. It was a TV show and i don't expect people to have to keep in contact with me.'

When Kate asked if her new glossy mane was a 'conscious thing', Cher said: 'That's just come with being happy.

'Sometimes you get really run down and you don't feel at your best. if you're happy within, it shows on the outside.'

Great heights: they've both sported bouffant buns

Back in the day: Cheryl Cole (centre) with Cher Lloyd (left) and Rebecca Ferguson almost a year to the day, Cher's look has slowly morphed into Cheryl's over the past 12 months

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