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'I wanted to tell him to go f*** himself': Michael Bublé says he almost flipped when Simon Cowell rolled his eyes at him

By Daily Mail Reporter

Simon Cowell's dismissive attitude almost landed him in hot water with one of the world's most popular singers.

Michael Bublé says he almost gave the X Factor mogul a piece of mind when he caught him rolling his eyes during a performance in 2007.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Bublé revealed his anger at the response he got from Cowell during an appearance on American Idol.

Hurt: Michael Bublé says Simon Cowell's reaction shattered his confidence

He told the magazine: 'I had to sing Call Me Irresponsible in front of 20million people.

'And the first thing I saw when I got on stage was Simon. I sang about four lines and he looked at me and did this [he rolls his eyes] and that was it, I was done. It killed me. My confidence dropped.

'Maybe Cheryl Cole gets a little quiet and more demure when she loses her confidence. But I become aloof. I get the attitude of, "Oh really? Well, f*** you. You don't like me? Then go **** yourself. I'm just gonna do whatever."'

Disrespectful: The X Factor mogul rolled his eyes at the Canadian singer which affected him deeply

But his admission could cause tension when he appears on the X Factor next week, as the show is run by Cowell's company Syco.

Michael revealed that he confided in Dannii Minogue after the performance and she later confronted Cowell about his disrespectful response to Bublé's performance.

And they learned that he wasn't even aware he had done it.

Confidant: Dannii Minogue provided a listening ear to the singer and actually confronted Cowell about it

The 36-year-old singer said: 'I told her the story. She goes and tells him, and comes back saying, "The man didn't even know he did it".

'He was just probably sitting on his fifth hour of the show going, "Kill me now... and I've got to go to the bathroom".

'But I'm so sensitive I took it as a rejection. Anyway, every time I've ever talked to him since then he's been incredibly nice.'

I didn't even know I did it: Simon Cowell explained away his reaction by admitting he did it unconsciously

Last night the crooner was on hand to help New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg kick off Christmas in the Big Apple as he lit the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree tonight.

Before the strings of lights were illuminated there were live performances from Bublé, Katharine McPhee, Cee Lo Green and Carole King.

Justin Bieber also joined the fray, performing three Christmas songs in a pre-recorded segment, much to the dismay of some attendees.

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