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These boots were made for shopping: Megan Fox slips on a pair of knee-highs as she grabs a handful of gifts for Christmas

By Marcus Barnes

Gifted: Megan Fox leaves Madison Boutique in West Hollywood with two bags full of goodies

Megan Fox put her best foot forward during a shopping trip in West Hollywood this week.

The former Transformers actress wore a sassy pair of knee-high boots for the pre-Christmas spree, during which she picked up several items just for herself.

And she made quite an impression at the store, especially when she appeared to accidentally drop one of the garments she purchased and had to bend right over to pick it up.

Suited and booted: The actress leans in for a closer look at some of the footwear at the LA store

Megan, 25, matched her kinky boots with a grey off-the-shoulder top, a darker grey sweater, leggings and a black handbag complete with tassles.

As she made her way around Madison's Boutique Megan was of course, the centre of attention.

At one point she leaned over to look at some shoes on a shelf around her knee level.

Oopsy daisy! The clumsy star has to bend over after dropping one of the items she purchased

Bit tired are we? The actress appears to need support from the shop counter

And later she was seen bending over a second time to scoop up one of the tops she purchased after dropping it on the floor.

No doubt she would have been lamenting her butter fingers.

The actress was also seen appearing to take time out for a breather during the spree, obviously a little jaded by the whole experience.

Shop til you drop: Megan collected up several items in the LA store, though it's not clear whether they were just for her or gifts ahead of the festive season

That's the lot! Megan takes all her shopping to the counter and gets it all packed up

Megan finally headed to the counter with an arm full of items, including jeans, tops and cardigans.

Whether the entire haul was just for herself is not clear, although perhaps at least a few of the things she bought were Christmas gifts.

The trip comes as Megan once again professes to be uncomfortable with seeing herself on the big screen.

And we're done... The actress collects her bags and heads off home

In this case she claims to be worried at seeing herself in 3D.

The actress, who has twice been voted World's Sexiest Woman by FHM readers, said: 'I would never watch myself just in 2D so I’m definitely not going to watch myself in 3D.

'I can’t imagine that it’s that different as far as what people see of you in the films. But I’m going to watch plenty of other films in 3D just none of my own because I get embarrassed.'

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