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Now that's a bum rap! Katy Perry pokes fun at Pippa Middleton's derriere in SNL skit

By Anita Bennett

Rearly annoyed: Katy Perry's Pippa Middleton said people line up to kiss her derriere as she argued with the Queen in a skit on Saturday Night Live

Katy Perry and her Saturday Night Live cohorts delivered a barrage of insults aimed at the British Royal family on Saturday Night Live.

The California Gurls singer, who hosted SNL for the first time last night, broke out her best British accent to play royal relative Pippa Middleton.

The superstar singer took on the tabloid staple in a skit that poked fun at Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa.

Questionable accent: Katy Perry put on her best British accent as she showed off her rudimentary acting skills on the popular show

The scene starts with a shot of Buckingham Palace along with a series of tabloid headlines speculating on when Kate might produce a royal heir.

Then we see the Queen, played by a heavily padded Fred Armisen, lambasting Kate for taking too long to conceive.

The Queen shouts: 'When you gonna pump out a baby and give us an heir to the bleeding thrown?'

Moments later Pippa, played by Katy, arrives for a visit and begins defending her beleaguered sister.

Stiff upper lip: Katy's Pippa defends her beleaguered sister Kate Middleton, played by Abby Elliott, who comes under fire for failing to conceive and heir

Not in front of the corgis: The Queen claims she has the best bum of all as she indulges in behaviour not becoming of a monarch

Perry starts out sweet and proper but then turns acerbic as she speaks proudly about Pippa's famous bum saying: 'Geezers line up to look at my a**.'

The Queen who turns into a trash talking tyrant is not impressed and shoots back: 'Don't know why. What little bum, ain't it?'

The mean spirited monarch adds: 'You want to see a real bum? Regard.

'I call my a** the IRA, because when I walk into a pub, people's heads explode,' Armisen says in his raunchiest tone.

The bald truth: The skit insults several members of the Royal family including Prince William

He's a real queen: Armisen's version of the head of state gets frisky on camera in scenes some may feel went too far

Should Brian May not be on guitar: The Queen shows her six-string skills as the fake royals break into song giving Katy a chance to show off her auto-tuned chops

The singer-turned-host appeared in at least nine sketches on the show.

She played herself on a talk show and poked fun at powerhouse singer Christina Aguilera.

She even made fun of recent musical guest Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.

The holy host: Former Christian rocker Katy had performed on the show before, but this is the first time she's hosted SNL

She kissed a girl: It looked like Katy was going to relive one of her most famous song as she larked about during her introductory stand-up spot

Real classy: Katy showed off a special temporary tattoo as she wowed cast member Bobby Moynihan during one of the skits

She kissed a boy: The lucky star's unique chat up technique seemed to have paid off as she got to grips with hunky Bobby

30 Rock star Alec Baldwin even dropped by for a surprise visit.

In an effort to get the last laugh at American Airlines for kicking him off a flight earlier this week, he set his sights on the incident.

Baldwin played the plane’s pilot who came on the Weekend Update segment to apologize to Baldwin for booting him off the plane.

Not to be overlooked, Robyn, Katy Perry's opening act on her tour was the musical guest and performed her song Call Your Girlfriend.

She's going to have some explaining to do: Katy poked fun at Florence and the Machine despite having inferior vocal ability

Party time: After the show ended, Katy was spotted arriving at SNL's after party in New York

Let's celebrate: Robyn also made a point to hit the post show party

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