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Mark Wahlberg embarrassed by his past

Mark Wahlberg says he would have kept his shirt more often when he was young and he threw his career.

Mark Wahlberg embarrassed by his past
Actor Mark Wahlberg is said rather embarrassed by her fashion choices during his brief career in hip-hop under the pseudonym of rapper Marky Mark.

Wahlberg, who was part of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, admits he would love to erase his fashion choices of the time and his musical choices.

He says: "Believe me, if there were things I could erase, I would. I can not erase, and it made me the person I am today, but I would certainly remove some of these things. I should keep my shirt more often. And not have my pants down as often. "

Mark Wahlberg says that when he left the music to start his acting career, he immediately knew it was the path he should take.

Even if he likes his acting career, he insists that his wife, model Rhea Durham, and their four children are much more important to him than work.

"Family, faith and being a good person is the source and purpose. If I succeed in business and I fail in my role as a father, so it's not worth the trouble. "
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