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Johnny Depp avoids paying French taxes

Johnny Depp comes to not paying taxes in France by not staying too long.

Johnny Depp avoids paying French taxes
Actor Johnny Depp always makes sure not to spend more than 183 days in his house in southern France to avoid paying taxes to the French government, reports FemaleFirst.

Johnny Depp then sure not to pay French taxes, but also makes sure not to lose his U.S. citizenship by becoming a permanent resident of the European countries.

He stated: "If I spend over 183 days in France, I have to start paying taxes here. So I walk from my home and the United States. France wanted me to become a permanent resident for the money. But the permanent resident status changes everything. I'm not ready to give up my U.S. citizenship. "

Remember that Johnny Depp has two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, with his wife, French actress Vanessa Paradis.

The 48 year old actor has admitted he would rather spend time at the French house in Hollywood, because he feels to be able to relax more.

He said: "I did not leave the property for three consecutive months. I did literally get up, go outside, look at the garden and grow vegetables. It's a perfect existence in terms of simplicity. "
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