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'He told me I was way better looking than Kim': Meet Kris Humphries' OTHER brunette bombshell ex

By Hugo Daniel

Former flame: Kris Humphries's ex-girlfriend Bianka Kamber has spoken out about her one-time boyfriend, revealing how he hated the Kardashian's reality show and told her she was better looking than Kim

Kris Humphries is about to take centre stage in the upcoming Kardashian reality show.

But his ex-girlfriend Bianka Kamber - who dated the NBA star for two years before he fell for Kim - has revealed the 26-year-old once refused to watch the show - branding it 'garbage'.

Furthermore he told his then-girlfriend - who bears more than a passing resemblance to the 31-year-old TV personality - that she was 'way better looking' than the woman who, as fate would have it, he ended up marrying.

This Sunday, the new season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York will start airing on U.S. channel E! where viewers will see Kim and Kris's marriage - which lasted just 72 days before Kim announced she was divorcing him - go into free fall.

Bianka, 28, a palliative care nurse, spoke out in a damning interview, where she revealed the sports star 'played her like a fool' - promised her marriage, children and a future - before dumping her without as much as a goodbye.

The brunette recalled: 'He would never watch the [Kardashian] show with me. He always bad talked it and said it was a trashy show and that it was garbage.

Lookalike: Bianka bears more than a passing resemblance to the famous reality star - and friends told her so

What a cheek: While Kris has not always been a fan of the E! TV show, he will be taking centre stage in the upcoming reality show

'He’d ask "why are you watching that?"

'And he would say, "there’s nothing to it… What are they even famous for?" He had absolutely no interest.'

When Bianka switched the show on she said Kris would sulk and go and play war game Call of Duty on his Xbox.

'He would say when you’re ready to watch something that’s a lot more educational and not a load of garbage, I’m in the other room.'

Smiles: The palliative care nurse recalled the good and bad times of their two-year relationship in a new interview

Young love: The former couple pictured lapping up the sun on a romantic break

Bianka distinctly remembers Kris’s opinion on his wife-to-be, who he met just weeks after his relationship with Bianka faltered in the summer of 2010.

'He said she was only famous for having a sex tape.'

And Kamber - whose friends would often joke she looked like the famous reality star - added: 'Kris also said he thought I was a lot more attractive than Kim.'

Moving on: Bianka says she would never take newly-single Kris back and that she has now moved on

Bianka first met a shy and awkward 23-year-old Kris in December 2008 when she was introduced to him in a Toronto nightclub. They eventually wound up dating, despite Bianka's initial reticence at being with a sports star.

She says they encountered many ups and downs in their relationship - but stayed together for two years - a full annum longer than Kim and Kris, who met, married and headed for divorce all within 365 days.

Speaking of their first encounter at the Canadian nightclub, Bianka recalled: 'My first impression was ‘athlete, absolutely not’ because they’re usually just players after every girl they can get.

Happier times: She met the NBA star when he was 23-years-old in a Toronto nightclub

Persistence paid off: She was initially reticent to date the sports star but was eventually charmed

'He asked me for my phone number and I politely told him no. But he ended up getting it from a mutual friend and he called and left me a message. I didn’t return it but he kept calling– he was really persistent.'

Bianka was eventually charmed by Kris’s persistence: 'He was funny, spontaneous and he could be charming at times in his own way.

'He also had great family values and was raised Christian like me. He did sweet things like pack my lunch, drive me to work and do my laundry.'

But later down the line, Bianka was left hurt by his empty promises as talk of marriage never came to fruition, despite the pair tentatively going shopping for an engagement ring.

She says Kris blamed problems on their long distance relationship after he moved from the Toronto Raptors to Dallas Mavericks in 2009.

Things eventually fizzled out in the summer of the following year.

After not being in touch some time, she last heard from Kris in October 2010 when he sent her a casual text asking how she was doing.

'About three weeks after that I found out he started seeing Kim,' Bianka recalled. 'At that point I deleted his phone number.'

Bianka declined to be drawn on what Kris was like as a lover, coyly saying: 'He was pretty normal - all I can say is we had great chemistry.'

Keen to give her opinion on Kim and Kris’s doomed romance, Bianka told of her shock when they got engaged after just six months of dating.

'I really didn’t understand what the rush was. I think it’s important to take some time to get to know a person.'

Bianka described how she imagines her ex must be feeling now.

She said: 'He’s probably really devastated. He always said he wanted to get married, start a family and he wanted it to be forever.'

But nothing could prepare her for the shock of them getting together – especially as when they dated Kris had called Keeping Up With The Kardashians 'garbage' television.

Bianka categorically denied having anything to do with the split – following rumours Kris had tried to contact her on a recent trip to Toronto.

'That’s absolutely not true. As soon as I found out Kris and Kim were in a relationship, I deleted his number. I’ve had no contact with him whatsoever. I’ve moved on.'

'Immature': Kamber recalled how Kris could be childish and would belch in her face and pass wind in bed

Aside from his apparent loathing of the Kardashians – Bianka listed further reasons Kim and Kris were wrong for each other.

For one, Kris's flirting skills left a lot to be desired and Kamber said his immaturity was a constant problem.

She said: 'Kris had no flirting skills whatsoever. Flirting to him was like burping and like blowing it in your face or farting and then throwing the covers over your head.

'Literally, as gross as it sounds, that’s how he like broke the ice and that was his flirting. Playful but very immature.'

Bianka said she would never entertain getting back together with her newly-single ex.

'No. He had the opportunity to get back together with me. I’ve already moved on. He’s missed his chance. There’s been too much damage done.'

Memories: Bianka holds a cake for Kris's 25th birthday last year

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