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Somebody loves you! Nicole Scherzinger gets marriage proposal on X Factor USA... (just weeks after being dumped)

By Amelia Proud

Nicole Scherzinger may have been left heartbroken after her split from Lewis Hamilton, who was apparently not ready to settle down, but there are plenty of other offers on the table.

And the 33-year-old received one when she least expected it, when a lovesick fan rushed up to the judges table during filming for the talent show - and got down on one knee.

In a video recorded at the studio, a man can be seen offering his hand in marriage in front of the audience.

Touched: Nicole Scherzinger received a marriage proposal from a fan in the audience earlier this week, she was moved by the gesture... though her answer was no

The former Pussycat doll, who dated the 26-year-old Formula One ace for four years, actually looked touched.

But the Hungarian made who so ardently professed his affection, was nevertheless bundled away by security and escorted from the CBS lot.

Nicole was recently seen having what appeared to be an awkward meeting with her ex-boyfriend Lewis.

The pair split in October, just three months after rumours that they were heading down the aisle started to circulate - with confirmation from her own father.

Vision: It's easy to see the attraction, Scherzinger looked stunning on last night's show in a beige bandeau dress - here with Steve Jones and LeRoy Bell

Alfonso Valiente, who is based on the judge's home island of Hawaii, said that the British star had proposed and referred to him as 'my future son-in-law.'

But a hasty denial was forthcoming from Scherzinger via her Twitter account and over the next few months, the couple were spotted on several occasions looking stony-faced.

Then the news that they had split was made public.

Reports said he wasn't ready to settle down and have children, but the driver has already given hope that the pair could reconcile and said he still loves the singer.

Speaking about the photographs from their meeting earlier this week he said: 'What you didn't see is that we had a really good week, a couple of really nice lunches together. We had a really nice dinner together.'

'It's very early days and we still have very strong feelings for one another. I still love her very much.

'So, who knows? Maybe we will be together in the future.'

Back in 2009 Nicole told the paper: 'I am the happiest I have ever been. Lewis is such an amazing, humble and chivalrous guy. We would love to have beautiful angel babies together one day.'

Lewis spoke to the paper about the split but confirmed the pair are still friends.

He said: 'Yeah, we're friends at least and we can move forward. It's never easy going through tough times.

'It's these kind of times that are sent to try you, and it's about how you pull through them.'

And Scherzinger seems to be pulling through in style, looking incredible on the Fox show, she told Shape magazine recently that she's truly come to terms with her own body.

But it wasn't always the case, she said: 'By the time I was in the Pussycat Dolls, I was on the scale all the time.

'It became my enemy because I noticed that when I exercised really hard, I'd gain weight.

Ban on scales: The star says she no longer weighs herself

'Now that I'm in my 30s, I've stepped off the scale - I just go by how my clothes fit.

'I'm more accepting of my body and have learned to really embrace it.
'These days it's all about finding balance.

'My new motto is: "Stay active, eat everything in moderation, and stop being so tough on myself".'

Despite having abs that you can bounce a coin off of, Scherzinger claims she eats huge amounts.

'Actually, I eat - a lot!' she tells the US fitness magazine. 'Even with my crazy schedule, I never skip meals.

'I'll often have soft-boiled eggs, smoked salmon and whole wheat toast for breakfast; cold cuts, veggies and fruit for lunch; and usually chicken or fish with rice and more vegetables for dinner.'

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