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Robin Gibb talks about his cancer

Robin Gibb talks about his cancer
Robin Gibb thanked his fans and family for their support during this difficult time.

We recently learned that a member of the legendary Bee Gees, Robin Gibb, was diagnosed with liver cancer and had had to go to the hospital several times in recent months, reports Music-News .

Gibb has now decided to make a statement about his illness. He said: "I want to thank my family, my friends, my fans and thousands of people who do not know me, but liked the music of the Bee Gees and have had good wishes for me. "

The artist adds that he was very touched by the support and concern that people have demonstrated in front of his condition. He added: "I was very sick and I am now recovering, and your prayers and wishes are a very good back for me. I think I am better thanks to you, and my deepest love is for you. "
Note that a friend of the singer recently told that he is a fighter and his wife Dwina is at his side at all times.

Remember that Robin Gibb has been married to his wife of 26 years and have a son together, Robin-John.

Gibb was forced to cancel several performances last October, after being hospitalized for abdominal 
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