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Rahm Israel Emanuel's attack on his front runner Republican Mitt Romney

Emanuel VS Romney
The 55th and current Mayor of Chicago and former White House chief of staff Rahm Israel Emanuel bitterly criticized his front runner Republican Mitt Romney while addressing a group of Iowa Democrats at Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Des Moines on November 19. Emanuel claimed that Romney "turns a blind eye" to the middle class, while offering a spirited defense of President Obama's re-election efforts.

Emanuel proved he hasn’t lost touch with the take-no-prisoners style of politics that won him the nickname “Rahmbo,” opening fire early at the entire field of potential Obama challengers, several of whom gathered hours earlier for a conservative forum just blocks away. “I’ve watched a number of them, and I’ve got to be honest, I never thought I’d say this,” said Emanuel, his words dripping with sarcasm, “I’m beginning to miss Sarah Palin’s insights.” "Mitt Romney says he's a man of steadiness and consistency," Emanuel added. "And if that's true, then I'm a linebacker for the Chicago Bears." "Regardless of the personalities, all of them are espousing the same policies that have been tried before and led to the present economic situation that the president inherited in 2009," Emanuel said. "Not one of them have had a new idea that's different than was tried."

He said on ABC's "This Week," that Romney has "revealed himself" as someone who doesn't take the values of all voters into account. "I believe as the campaign continues, more and more people will see who he's willing to stand for," 

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