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The Jackson family is not satisfied with the charge againts Conrad Murray

The family of Michael Jackson does not believe that a sentence of 4 years for Dr. Conrad Murray is sufficient.

The Jackson family is not satisfied
Michael Jackson's brother, Jermaine, hopes that Dr. Conrad Murray will be "haunted by what he has done" while in prison, reports ThisisLondon.

Remember that the personal physician of the King of Pop was eventually sentenced to up to four years in prison for manslaughter yesterday (November 29).

However, Jackson's family insists that this sentence is not long enough, and that Murray should have been convicted of second degree murder and spend "decades" in prison.

Speaking of the award, Jermaine Jackson said: "Let me tell you that justice should have, could be: Dr.Conrad Murray charged and convicted of second-degree murder and sent behind bars for decades. Life imprisonment for the loss of life due to his bad choices, incompetence and disregard for human life in his care. "

Jackson added that the "lie", that Michael himself had given his lethal dose of propofol, has been "sent to prison with the rest of Murray's lies."

The mother of Michael Jackson, Katherine, also commented on the sentencing of Conrad Murray, claiming that Judge Michael Pastor did everything he could, but would have hoped that the doctor is much longer behind bars.
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