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'Maybe it was something I ate?' Janet Devlin forgets her lyrics on X Factor, blaming the temporary amnesia on the urge to throw-up

By Nadia Mendoza

Trouble ahead? Janet Devlin might struggle making the semi-final after forgetting her lyrics on live television

The X Factor nearly turned into a gruesome saga as Janet Devlin thought she was going to throw up onstage.

During the first song Guilty Pleasures round, the Irish teenager sang looked uncomfortable as she battled to remember the lyrics to Hanson's anthemic pop song MMMBop.

After receiving criticism from the judges, the 16-year-old blamed the mishap on 'something I ate'.

Louis Walsh quizzed Janet, saying: 'Did you forget the words? You kind of messed up, but at least you carried on. It wasn't great, but I believe in you.'

Tulisa Contostavlos agreed, adding: 'You look upset, maybe the nerves took over? I found it quite mediocre. I know you're capable of more.'

Brutally honest Gary Barlow slated the performance, quipping: 'It was a real mess. For the second time, you've forgotten the words. You are not a groove vocalist, you shouldn't be singing that.

Unpopular: Janet failed to get good comments from the judges, apart from fellow Irish native Louis Walsh

Even Kelly struggled to find a compliment, saying: 'There's always the second song.
You're a fighter, remember that.'

When Dermot pushed on a reason for the temporary amnesia, Devlin said: 'It's not my fault if I feel like I'm going to throw up. Maybe it was something I ate.'

Janet originally forgot the words to her song earlier this month, during a version of Jackson 5 song I Want You Back.

Breaking records: Little Mix are the only girl group to have made it into the top five on X Factor

Fifties glamour: The girls wore kitsch costumes during their mash-up of Justin Bieber and The Supremes

Her second song for the Musical Heroes genre, Under The Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, was marginally better, yet Gary still accused her of not having a good night.

However, he backtracked a little by offering his congratulations, saying: 'You've completely ignored me when I said you were predictable and been yourself, ultimately we're looking for someone who is their own person.'

Little Mix opened the show with a mash-up of Justin Bieber's Baby and The Supremes track Where Did Our Love Go, set against the backdrop of a fifties diner.

Got her sparkle back: Misha B received praise from the judges, with Gary claiming he wants her album in 2012

Dressed in tutu skirts galore and an explosion of candyfloss colours, the girls put on a spectacle, but as a result the judges thought their vocals were lacking.

Louis said: 'I thought last week you were incredible, but this was a little lacklustre. You need to pull something more about the bag if you want to stay. A little bit of girl power! I want them in the final, I just think they can do better.

Kelly, the only judge to still have three of her acts in the competition, said: 'I felt like some of you were concentrating too much about the dance steps. It would have been great to hear Jesy beatbox more. You need to nail it.

Nailed it! Despite losing best friend Craig Colton last week, Marcus Collins came out fighting

Surprisingly Gary confessed to 'really enjoying it' and credited it as 'a great opening to the show'.

Their second song, Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, caused Jesy Nelson to cry after connecting with the message of the song.

Kelly also began weeping, saying: 'You have no idea how much I want to see you at the top of the charts. You are all so unique that when you come together it's so special.'

Comeback kid: Amelia Lily has been compared to Christina Aguilera, and Louis called her a 'ready made popstar'

Gary credited the strength of their success on their relationship instead of the music, adding: 'You have friendship and it's a real key ingredient for a successful band.'

Misha B appeared to have rekindled her sparkle, belting out a rendition of Cyndi Lauper hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Louis gushed 'thank God you're still in the competition', while Tulisa added: 'There is not one bad thing I have to say about that performance. This is the Misha B we know. I love the moves, I love the rap.'

Rock chick: Amelia belted out Since U Been Gone for her second song, by idol Kelly Clarkson

Powerful: Tulisa told Amelia that she 'feels' the song and her face looks like she should be in a music video

Take That star Barlow even went so far as to say he would buy her album, adding: 'It's not you trying to win votes, trying to please people... it's you thinking of 2012 when you are finally unleashed on the public and I'll be there waiting to buy an album.'

Her second song, seventies track Killing Me Softly that gave The Fugees a UK No1 hit in 1996, caused Tulisa to gush: 'This is the best week you've ever had. A double whammy!'

Marcus paid tribute to George Michael, who is currently suffering from pneumonia and has cancelled the remaining dates of his tour.

Emotional: Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jesy and Jade all looked a little tearful after their rendition of Beautiful

Imsecurities: Jesy Nelson has suffered Twitter abuse regarding her weight, saying the song Beautiful means a lot to her

Dressed in a leather jacket and oozing cool - despite weeping in his VT over losing friend Craig Colton last week - Marcus showed off his vocals with Wham! classic I'm Your Man.

He also proved popular with the panel, with Louis saying 'you tick every single box' and Tulisa adding: 'You absolutely nail it every time.'

Flirty Kelly was just happy to see some flesh as she flashed his abds during a dancemove where he raised his T-shirt.

Diva: Misha looked simple, yet chic in her LBD as she sang Killing Me Softly

Trying to inject a little bit of humour, Gary said: 'My only negative, you came into my dressing room and said "I'm happy to be in the last five", but that's not enough. You could win this competition!'

Wowing judges with his second song, Lately by Stevie Wonder, Louis said he was 'versatile', while Gary called it 'sensational'.

Wrongly or rightly, Tulisa drudged up his personal antics, adding: 'That was emotional. I know you'd never ask for the sympathy vote, but you've had a tough life and deserve to be on this stage.'

Soulful: Marcus opted for a ballad for her second choice, belting out Lately by Stevie Wonder

Comeback kid Amelia Lily looked stunning in a white prom dress as she sang China In Your Hand by T'Pau.

With no acts of his own to defened, Louis is clearly rooting for the Middlesbrough teenager, saying: 'That song choice was incredible. That performance has put you right back in the competition.'

Tulisa also offered some generous words, adding: 'What a beautiful vocal. You get lost in the music, your face is like it's in a music video.'

'Little Muffins': Tulisa has affectionately nicknamed her girls

Paying tribute to her idol Kelly Clarkson, Amelia injected all her efforts into second song, Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

Louis said she made it all 'look so effortless', while Tulisa accused her of being 'shouty at times'.

Kelly had the final say, adding: 'Amelia Lily hits those notes in her sleep!'

Big sister: Tulisa showed her support for Little Mix by etching on a temporary tattoo with a marker pen

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