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I'm nobody's puppet! X Factor reject Janet Devlin strums a guitar as she flies on home to Belfast

By Holly Thomas and Marcus Barnes

Back home: Janet Devlin poses with her mother and easyJet crew after flying back to Belfast last night

All they need now is a campfire, as Janet Devlin posed with easyJet staff and her mother during a flight back to Belfast last night.

The Irish teenager clutched her guitar on the empty flight, determined to highlight she is a real musician who writes her own songs.

Less than 24 hours after being voted off the X Factor, Janet Devlin had already turned on the show saying it turned her into a karaoke singer.

The 17-year-old lost out to fellow singer Misha B on Sunday night, but said she could have gone further if she'd have been a 'puppet' and done exactly what she was told.

Janet lashed out at the show during an appearance on the Lorraine Kelly Show yesterday.

She told the chat show host: 'To me the sad thing about X Factor, and it's brought me down a lot, is the fact that I've just been covering other people's songs.

Farewell London: Janet steps away from the spotlight as she flies home after being ejected from The X Factor last Sunday

'It got to the point where I felt like a karaoke artist every Saturday night.'

And she reiterated that despite being told the opposite she stuck to her guns to avoid being a 'puppet'.

She said: 'From the start of the show I wanted to be myself and I didn't really care, in the sense that I just did what was me. I could have been a puppet and done a lot better but why would I do that?'

Puppet show: Janet Devlin appeared on the Lorraine Kelly Show where she lashed out at the X Factor saying it turned her into a karaoke singer

Janet's comments came as her choice of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ infamous 1992 hit, Under The Bridge, for her sing-off song put the X Factor at the centre of a new drugs scandal.

Viewers have protested over the flame-haired singer's song choice for her performance during the live results show.

The song about ex-addict Anthony Kiedis, 49, includes troubling lyrics about heroin needles drawing blood, has been slammed as an 'irresponsible' choice by children’s charities and anti-drugs groups.

Controversial: Janet Devlin, who lost her place on the X Factor last night, has come under fire for her song choice

The Sun reports that Claude Knights of child protection charity Kidscape complained: 'The X Factor is a family show and this was a disturbing and irresponsible song choice.'

Drug charity Focus 12, which offers counseling to addicts, has reportedly labelled the decision tasteless for a purportedly family-friendly show.

Homeward bound: Janet's rendition of Red Hot Chili Peppers' infamous hit Under The Bridge wasn't enough to save her last night

'The producers of The X Factor have a moral and social responsibility to the millions of children and teenagers who tune in,' raged head Chip Somers.

'They should be smarter about song choices, particularly given recent events on the show. The recent demise of Amy Winehouse should have shown us all how tragic drug and alcohol abuse is.'

'It is not something that should be taken lightly.'

I did it my way: Janet stuck to her guns and refused to be a 'puppet' for the show

According to The Sun an ITV spokesman has responded to the outcry: 'We won’t know if we have any complaints about this until Monday.'

The issue is particularly poignant considering ex contestant Frankie Cocozza lost his place in the competition after admitting to snorting cocaine.

Despite the strength in numbers of regional voting, Janet Devlin lost her place in The X Factor semi-final this weekend.

Still smiling: Janet managed a cheery look as she left the X Factor studios last night, but anti-drugs groups are in uproar over her last performance

After battling Misha B in the bottom two, it seems her native Northern Ireland couldn't save her.

It was little surprise, considering she forgot the lyrics to her first song on Saturday while singing Hanson hit MMMBop in the Guilty Pleasures round.

Clear victor: There was little doubt that Misha B would survive another week

The redhead performed well in the sing-off, tapping into the innocence of her very first audition with a rendition of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

But as Misha B belted out a hit from the Fame soundtrack, nailing her version of Out Here On My Own by Irene Cara, it was clear who was safe.

Humble: Janet gives rival Misha B a hug as she's voted off the show

Judge Louis Walsh said: 'It's getting tougher and tougher. I'm taking everything into consideration, judging on last night's two performances and the sing-off. The act I'm sending home is Janet.'

Fellow panellist Tulisa Contostavlos followed his lead, continuing: 'I'm going to base my decision on the person who has a career after the show, who will sell records and sellout arenas.

'I'm sorry to say I'm sending home Janet.'

Their mentor Kelly Rowland turned on the waterworks, refusing to decide between the two.

'I know how great these two young ladies are. Janet, I admire you as a musician and you bring something so unique to the music industry. I absolutely love you and adore you,' she gushed.

'Misha, my goodness girl, you just want this so bad. I have to pass it, I'm sorry.'

The majority verdict was therefore decided, without Gary Barlow even having his say as Dermot O'Leary declared Janet was going home.

However, when O'Leary later quizzed Barlow, he said: 'I'd have sent Janet home.'

Poignant: Former contestant Frankie Cocozza, pictured performing in Liverpool on Thursday, lost his place on the X Factor after admitting to snorting cocaine

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