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Controversy does wonders for your pulling power... Lothario Frankie Cocozza emerges from his Liverpool hotel wearing a big smile

By Marcus Barnes

Good night was it: Frankie Cocozza sports a huge smile as he exits the Hotel Indigo in Liverpool today following his night out

Last night Frankie Cocozza continued his bid to notch up four figures on his bedpost.

And today he emerged from the Hotel Indigo in Liverpool with a huge smile on his face, obviously full of cheer following his night out.

The 18-year-old was pictured coming out of his hotel with his entourage, including Nu Vibe singer Bradley Johnson, in tow.

Frankie, who was axed from the X Factor for apparently boasting about his drug taking, was wearing the same jumper he'd been wearing yesterday when he first arrived in the north-west city.

Last night it was clear that, rather than diminish his power of allure, the singer's recent controversy has boosted his credentials with the ladies.

He'd been performing at the city's Garlands nightclub, which was packed with a largely female audience.

Must be his magnetic personality: Frankie Cocozza is pictured with one of many female fans who were vying for his attention in Liverpool last night

Come with me: The controversial X Factor star escorts his new lady friend back to his hotel

After his performance Frankie picked out a group of girls to join him back at the Hotel Indigo - and according to witnesses, he was met at reception by another group of girls who were already keenly waiting for him.

In fact, so desperate was one of his scantily-clad female admirers that Frankie's security team had to prise her away from him.

After whittling the large 20-plus group down to a respectable nine he and two friends, including Bradley Johnson of axed group Nu Vibe, were ushered into the hotel lift by Frankie's security team.

Centre of attention: One eager fan follows Frankie as he exits Garlands nightclub

The group no doubt headed to Frankie's room where the party continued.

Frankie was obviously excited at visiting the city, having tweeted earlier in the day to announce his arrival and his love of the Scouse accent.

He wrote: 'Looking forward to liverpool tonight #scouseaccent' with a heart symbol at the end.

Mobbed: The singer found himself approached from all angles as he tried to make his way back to the Hotel Indigo in Liverpool

His post prompted a slew of responses, mainly from girls in Liverpool asking where he would be and saying they wanted to meet him.

Later on, around midnight, he tweeted the usernames of four girls saying: 'I love you all @zoecameron @staciafletcher @beccygeraghty @rachaelashes xxxxxxxxx'

Whether they were among the group who made their way up to Frankie's room is unknown.

Just a few friends I met tonight: Frankie selected a large group of girls to join him at the Hotel Indigo

Frankie has been on a mini tour of the north, already hitting Preston and Sheffield over the past few days.

It seems his popularity among students in particular has not been affected by his X Factor controversy.

Last week together with former X Factor group The Risk, Frankie hit London's Aura club before heading back to his Notting Hill hotel, accompanied by seven girls, where it's alleged he took cocaine.

Before the madness ensued: Frankie arrives at the Hotel Indigo in Liverpool ahead of his appearance at Garlands nightclub

'It was a free-for-all. There was booze, coke and sex on offer. It was a case of "anything goes"' a source told the Daily Star.

'Frankie was quite open about taking coke. He didn’t care who saw what he was doing.'

There is no evidence that anyone else was taking drugs, however it his clear that the hotel party fell into a depraved chaos.

Where does he find the energy? Frankie shared a cigarette with a couple of girls before heading back to his hotel with a model named Bianca Lake last Tuesday

Frankie's guests included Manchester model Bianca Lake, who has previously been linked to Jack Tweed, and Big Brother housemate Rex Newark.

The singer was apparently captivated by Bianca, and as he climbing into bed with her called to the others: 'Can you all just leave? Bianca and I are going to f*** now.”

Once their fellow revelers had retreated to their rooms the pair got down to business, creating such a racket that one guest told the Daily Star: 'The screams coming out of the room woke people up. It was revolting to hear.'

It has also been reported that Frankie filmed Bianca performing a solo sex act and later showed the disturbing footage to aghast fans when he left the hotel.

One horrified onlooker said: 'It was shocking.'

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