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Beauty and the beast! Kelly Brook caught in bed with Leigh Francis... but don't worry, it's just for the cameras

By Andrea Magrath

You have to hope that Thom Evans is an understanding boyfriend.

A picture has emerged of his girlfriend Kelly Brook lying scantily-clad on a bed with comedian Leigh Francis.

Kelly, 32, admitted on Twitter that she had spent the day being 'dry humped' by Francis' alter ego Keith Lemon.

Caught! Kelly Brook spent the day in bed with Leigh Francis as they film Keith Lemon: The Movie in Belfast

Of course, the saucy scene was all for the cameras, as the pair are in Belfast, Northern Ireland, shooting Keith Lemon: The Movie.

Kelly posed for a picture with her co-star wearing a black and white gingham bikini, while Francis, 38, posed provocatively in skimpy red briefs next to her.

It's a wonder they are getting any work done, as Miss Brook told her Twitter followers, 'Honestly having the best time here in Belfast my cheeks hurt from laughing!!'

'Laughing so hard my cheeks hurt!' Kelly and Leigh are having a good time off-camera too, pictured enjoying a drink after work with co-star Verne Troyer

The model revealed that she managed to remain professional during her risqué scene with the ITV comic by tuning out. She tweeted on Friday: 'Spent most of the day being dry humped by Keith Lemon. After a while you just forget he's there.'

The pair are having fun when the cameras stop rolling as well. Francis tweeted a picture of them enjoying a drink at the pub after work with their co-star Verne Troyer.

Kelly tweeted that she was apprehensive ahead of starting work on the project as she jetted to Belfast last week, telling fans: 'On my way to Belfast to start shooting Keith Lemon The Movie!! Yikes!!!! I'm scared.'

Hope he's not the jealous type: Kelly celebrated her birthday in London with boyfriend Thom Evans before flying to Ireland

And it may have taken a little arm-twisting to get the model and actress on board.

Earlier this month Miss Brook wrote on Twitter, 'Just read the most disgustingly offence (sic) movie script! Think I may have found my next project!! Times are hard.'

But less than a week later, she wrote: 'Remember that script I was talking about.....' and shared a link to The Hollywood Reporter announcement of the film.

Self portrait: Kelly snapped this scantily-clad picture of herself earlier this month to prove to her new colleague that her Twitter account is real

According to the press release, the film will follow Lemon, Francis' infamous character from Bo' Selecta!, as he moves from Leeds to London in his quest to be a successful entrepreneur like his hero Richard Brnason.

Before she flew to Ireland to start filming, Kelly managed to fit in a birthday celebration with boyfriend Thom.

The pair dined together at the exclusive Ivy in London.

Hopefully Thom is not the jealous type, given the racy friendship Kelly has struck up with Francis.

A couple of weeks ago she had a flirtatious Twitter exchange with her new colleague when he questioned whether it was the real her on Twitter.

Prove it! The picture was in response to comic Leigh Francis' queries over whether her Twitter account was an imposter

He asked at the time: 'Is this real Kelly brook or a dirty old hairy man pretending to be Kelly brook?'

The Piranha: 3D star quickly responded: 'It's me! How can I prove it?' to which Francis suggested she should 'direct message' him.

Instead, Kelly posted the picture, joking: 'Leaked photo!! See it's me!!!!'

But Leigh was still not convinced , retorting: 'That could still be an old hairy man in really good prosthetics. DM me.'

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